13 drink drivers caught in Dungannon area over Christmas season


Police have revealed that 13 motorists were detected drink-driving in the Dungannon and South Tyrone area over the winter season.

Throughout Northern Ireland officers detected and arrested 251 motorists for drink driving (down from 273 during 2012/2013 operation). The figure includes motorists who were unfit to drive, or who were unable or refused to give a sample.

Commenting on the figures, Area Commander for Dungannon and South Tyrone, Chief Inspector Jane Humphries, said, “While we welcome the fact that the vast majority of right thinking people realise that drink driving is shameful and unacceptable, clearly there is still an irresponsible minority who ignore all advice and warnings.”

Announcing the Northern Ireland figures, Head of Operations Branch, Superintendent David Moore said: “Once again, despite our warnings and highly visible police operations, 251 people still took the risk of killing or injuring themselves, their family, friends and other innocent road users by deciding to drive after drinking. Worryingly, this year we have also seen an increase in the number of women being detected – from 41 to 57.

During this operation, we stopped and performed roadside preliminary breath tests on 4,582 drivers – over 500 more than last year. The 251 people who were subsequently arrested have begun 2014 with the prospect of going to court where they will almost certainly lose their driving licence. They should count themselves lucky. They could have lost their own life or destroyed the lives of others had police not stopped them.

“Whilst the current publicity campaign has ended, the detection of drink driving will remain a year-round priority for police. So far this year, eight people have lost their lives on our roads, so we are once again appealing for everyone to take responsibility for road safety.

“Always wear your seatbelt, reduce your speed, take greater care and attention, and NEVER, EVER, DRINK AND DRIVE,” Superintendent Moore said.