Blackwatertown man sentenced for burglary which occurred 8 years ago



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A Blackwatertown man has pleaded guilty to an offence of burglary with intent to steal which occurred eight years ago.

Thomas McCrory, 29. of Quaymount, Blackwatertown admitted entering as a trespasser to Alexander Mills, Charlemont with intent to steal on November 25th 2006.

A court heard how a worker noticed that the premises had been burgled sometime over the weekend, a window had been smashed and the office had been ransacked and a set of keys to a van stolen. It is understood the defendant tried to steal the van but couldn’t get it started. A fingerprint was uncovered from the scene and traced to the defendant. When interviewed by police he denied the charge but said he was in Moy on the day in question and he may have entered the premises because he was so intoxicated and couldn’t recall. A defence solicitor for Mr McCrory told the court his client had grown up a lot in the 8 years following this incident and he admits himself he was an alcoholic at the time and was hanging with the wrong crowd. Deputy District Judge Mateer ordered McCrory to pay £100 in compensation and sentenced him to 3 months in prison, suspended for 12 months.