Video: Nominations open for Mid Ulster Business Awards 2014

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The new Mid Ulster Super council can make a major positive contribution to the business community and local economy across the region.

That was the message from the chairperson of the new local authority Cathal Mallaghan as he launched the fourth Mid Ulster Business Awards.

Mr Mallaghan paid tribute to the Tyrone Times and Mid Ulster Mail for hosting the awards, which he said recognised the exceptional business talent and innovative spirit in the area

He gave a comparison between Mid-Ulster and East Ayrshire Council, a similar sized area, which has just over 2000 VAT registered businesses; Mid Ulster has over 8,000 VAT registered businesses.

This, he says, “gives a really good idea of the entrepreneurial spirit within Mid-Ulster”.

He continued: “Mid Ulster continues to be at the fore front of investment and development opportunities.”

Mr Mallaghan spoke of how the new council is actively seeking to promote, grow and develop the agriculture, construction, engineering and retail sectors.

Dungannon Mayor, Roger Burton outlined the significant the Mid Ulster awards.

He said they are a great way for “encouraging businesses to focus on strengths together with healthy competition ultimately leads to opportunities enhancing economic development and regeneration.”

“Mid-Ulster area is renowned for its business strength and so as the Mid Ulster Business Awards are launched this morning be assured our finest Businesses will highlight to the United Kingdom, European and World Market that Mid Ulster is an area of business and commercial excellence,” the Mayor added.

Mr Redmond McFadden, a representative from associate sponsor, Danske Bank, said they were proud to be involved in the awards.

He spoke of the growth and vibrancy within Mid-Ulster and believes it is “extremely relevant and extremely right” to recognise businesses for what they have brought to the area during a time when the support from banks hasn’t been as strong.

Mr McFadden said he wished to encourage businesses to put themselves forward for the awards as “sometimes businesses underestimate the input and the value they actually make to the local community”.

Peter Bayne, Deputy Regional Editor, North West Division, helped create the awards back in 2011 to honour and generate industry wide recognition for businesses in the mid ulster area.

“We have received tremendous support from our sponsors, businesses, along with the readers of the Mid-Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times,” he said.

Mr Bayne added: “It’s a really big team effort that gets us to where we are in November, it has been a huge success and I’m sure this year will be no different.”




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