Plans for Dungannon Biomass plant put on the back burner

Dungannon Council Offices
Dungannon Council Offices

A million pound biomass plant, that was to be funded by Dungannon Council and South West College, has been put on hold while other “more economical” options like natural gas are considered.

It was hoped that the project, which was “at an advanced stage”, would create jobs and cheap electricity for the town.

And at a meeting of Dungannon Council last Monday night, questions were raised over where the £500,000, that had been ring-fenced for the project, would now go.

Jim McClelland, director of building services, told the Times: “Rather than the council sitting, on hold, with the portion of its money that was budgeted for it [the biomass project], we thought it was best just to go ahead and get other schemes complete... projects that there was going to be a shortfall in.”

Other projects, he explained, include a budget increase for Drumcoo’s multi-sports pitch, and leisure centre maintenance.

When pressed on whether the project would ever happen, he added: “It would be wrong to say it’s completely dead in the water - it’s just put on hold.”