Community service for assualts

A COALISLAND man has been given community service for assaulting two people.

Peter Cawley, 35, of The Glen, Coalisland pleaded guilty to assaulting two people relating to an incident on 13th May 2012.

Cawley was abusive to staff at a Cookstown hotel when he was told he would not be served anymore alcohol a court heard. Cawley proceeded to push and shove two people whilst trying to get back into the hotel when he had been told if he went out he wouldn’t get back in a court also heard.

A defence solicitor for Cawley told the court that his client had admitted to pushing his way back into the premises and was only trying to get back into the hotel to see his wife who was still inside.

District Judge John Meehan ordered Cawley to undertake a total of 180 hours of community service for the assaults and he was also ordered to pay two sums of £100 compensation orders to the injured parties.