Famine parallels examined at Carleton Summer School

Historian Tom Devine

Historian Tom Devine

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Scotland’s leading historian, Tom Devine, was this year’s headline speaker at the Carleton Summer School.

His talk focused on the parallels and contrasts of the famine in Ireland and Scotland.

Historian Tom Devine

Historian Tom Devine

Michael Fisher, PRO for the Summer School’s committee said this year’s event has been well-attended, despite the challenges of delivering a programme under stringent purse strings.

“The Beckett Festival has a lot of international flavour about it, but it is getting a large grant,” Mr. Fisher acknowledged, “We survive on £4,000 from Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council. We try to spread the interest in Carelton’s writtings and explain what they are all about through the Summer School while tailoring the programme according to our resources.

“We have continued since 1992 and generally every year we manage to bring something fresh to the Summer School. The numbers are reasonable enough to survive for another year!”

Murley Silver Band performed in a cross community and cross border concert at the Forth Chapel.

The event was expected to be attended by the Irish Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys.

Elsewhere in this year’s programme Larry Geary delivered a talk on Social Life in pre-Famine Ireland on Tuesday and BBC journalist, Paul Clements from Augher presented his new book, ‘Richard Hayward Writer, Actor, Singer’.