Jail term for Dungannon ‘habitual offender’

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A Dungannon man who was found driving while disqualified on three occasions within a three month period, already having two previous convictions for the same offences has been jailed for 12 months.

Arturas Skalisius, 21, of Laghey Court in the town is charged with three separate counts of driving while disqualified and using a motor vehicle without insurance.

A court was told that Mr Skalisius has two suspended sentences ‘hanging over him’ from earlier this year for the same offences.

The first incident occurred on April 16 this year when Mr Skalisius was stopped by police on Circular Road at Stangmore in the town driving a Ford Fiesta car.

The second incident occurred on May 25 this year when police stopped Mr Skalisius driving a Vauxhall Corsa at Laughey Court.

The third incident occurred on June 6 this year when police stopped Mr Skalisius driving a black Ford Fiesta on Cavan Road, Dungannon.

Looking over Mr Skalisius’ previous record, District Judge Bernie Kelly said he had ‘a blatant disregard for road traffic laws’.

Judge Kelly ordered the PPS to note that the next time Mr Skalisius drives while disqualified his case has to go to the Crown Court for sentencing.

Judge Kelly imposed sentences of three months custody for each charge, and ordered them to run concurrent with one another.

Mr Skalisius’ two suspended sentences were also activated as Judge Kelly told Mr Skalisius who was appearing via videolink that she was ‘running out of sentencing options’.

For an offence which occurred on April 23, Judge Kelly activated two months of his suspended sentence, while for the offence on April 30, 3 months in all were activated and those sentences were to run concurrent to one another but consecutive to the previous sentences meaning he will serve 12 months in total.

A £25 offender levy was also imposed and Mr Skalisius was disqualified from driving for 3 years. Judge Kelly added: “I appreciated it is lengthy but it has to reflect the habitual offending.” Forfeiture of the vehicles was also ordered.