Lineside Street trading on hold

STREET Trading at Lineside Coalisland has been put on hold.

The local Council had been giving consideration to a proposal for trading to take place at a designated part of Lineside.

At a meeting of the Council’s Strategic Service Delivery Committee members were reminded that Lineside in general is now under scrutiny as part of a larger planning application process which, if passed, would result in alterations to the layout in that area.

It was recommended to the full Council to postpone any decision relating to street trading until such times as road layouts etc have been finalised with the hope that a more suitable alternative site may become apparent.

Traders in Coalisland had previously expressed concern that street trading was having a detrimental effect on their businesses.

It believed that a petition was handed into the Council objecting to such a proposal.

One trader commented last week: “Every years traders in Coalisland pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in rates and taxes.

“We also provide much needed employment in an area which has been hit hard by the recession.

“Street traders are operating without a licence and in areas which are not designated.

“If this was to happen outside a major store in Dungannon Town I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long for them to be moved on.

“Whilst sympathetic to the rights of everyone to make a living, there are plenty of empty buildings in Coalisland if they wish they run a legitimate business.

“The Council does provide designated trading areas in Dungannon if they so wish to move to that Town.”