21 words and phrases you will only hear in Northern Ireland (aka Norn Iron)

Tourists often struggle with the local lingo and wonder what on earth we are talking about, and arguably for good reason.

Which type of friend are you?

Organiser, Oracle, Elephant, Maverick, or Steady Eddie ... which friend are you?

The average adult has 40 friends - and they fall into one of eight categories, according to new research.

Construction is well under way for a major new Viking-themed flume ride that will open in Tayto Park this June.

Tayto Park to open Ireland's first Viking-themed flume ride

Construction is well under way for a major new Viking-themed flume ride that will open in Tayto Park this June.
Popular dip: hummus

Hummus be joking! Meltdown over dip shortage

They say things come in threes, and following Brexit and the General Election announcement, we've now been hit by news that hummus supplies are at critical levels.

An overweight child

Obese children ‘four times more likely’ to develop Type 2 diabetes

Obese children are at four times the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, warns new research.
Flight delay

Most common reason for flight delay compensation revealed

Was your flight delayed over the Easter break? If you’ve been sat twiddling your thumbs in the departure lounge over the holidays and hoping for a pay out your claim will be more successful if the delay is due to a technical glitch according to latest research.
Bad tattoos

E4's Tattoo Fixers looking for ink disasters

Do you have an embarrassing tattoo? Well you could be in luck as E4's Tattoo Fixers are looking for people to appear on the show.
Children aged four to six handed treats to quieten them down were more likely to rely on comfort food high in calories as they approach their teenage years.

Warning to parents over 'emotional feeding' of children

Mums who give young kids chocolates and sweets when they're upset could be increasing their risk of becoming obese or suffering eating disorders, scientists have warn.

ID theft

WARNING that most identity fraud info can come from Facebook

Most of the personal information needed by fraudsters to steal your identity can be found on your Facebook profile, cyber safety experts have warned
Planet Earth II

TV Licensing reveals top moments “worth the licence fee”

The top TV moments from shows most valued by Licence Fee payers have been revealed by TV Licensing.

Why did the chick cross the road? To be rescued by the RSPCA!

Tiny chick rescued from middle of busy Lancashire road by charity officer ends up with new home and new playmate!

A used car outlet

WARNING after local woman LOSES £4000 on fake used car sales website

Trading Standards Service (TSS) has asked people to be vigilant when considering online purchases after a Belfast woman lost money on a fake used car sales website.
The Bank of England has already launched an investigation after police warnings about fake fivers circulating across the country ahead of the new �10 polymer note coming into circulation in the summer.

Money-laundering revealed as ‘counterfeit’ fivers turn out to be worn-out genuine notes

Fake versions of the new ‘counterfeit-proof’ fiver have turned out to be genuine, washed-out notes.


Morph gets a makeover as he turns 40

Beloved plasticine character Morph has been given a makeover for his 40th birthday - but still looks like a teenager with a baseball cap, gold chain and graffiti can.
Easter eggs

'Dairy Milk is top of the chocs in Northern Ireland'

As Easter eggs roll onto the shelves ahead of the big bank holiday, old favourite Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has been named as Northern Ireland’s most popular chocolate for Easter.
Buckfast has been made by monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon since 1920.

Call for Buckfast monks to be stripped of charitable status

Campaigners are calling for monks who make a controversial alcoholic drink to be stripped of their charitable status.

Worried about spots

Children start worrying about their appearance at 12 years old

Children start to worry about their appearance at the age of 12, a study has found.

One of the requirements is that you are aged between 20 and 45.

Fancy a new job? Get paid £13,700 to spend two months laid in bed

It sounds like the dream job - lie in bed for two months and get paid £13,700 for doing it.

Women rely on looks just as much men, say scientists.

‘Looks are all that matter when women choose a man’ say scientists

Beauty really is only skin deep - when women are looking for a man, say scientists.

Have you ever claimed to have visited a city or country when in actual fact you had not?

Top 20 places Northern Ireland people claim to have visited, but haven’t

Think of yourself as something of a jet-setter? Been up the Eiffel Towel and bought bagels in NYC?

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