Farmers come to aid of motorists in flooding misery in Tyrone

Flood waters in Derrytresk

Flood waters in Derrytresk

FED UP residents of Derrytresk have thrown down the gauntlet to statutory agencies and demanded that a solution be found to weeks of severe flooding which has once again left them counting the cost to their homes and property.

People living in the Annaghbeg Road and Reenaderry Road areas contacted the TIMES to highlight their plight after the recent spell of wet weather left them having to barricade their homes to prevent damage from the rising waters.

The TIMES has been told how farmers have been coming to the aid of stranded motorists on rain soaked roads close to the Torrent Bridge, using tractors to pull cars out to safety, while several local people have reported damage to their vehicles after weeks of driving through the floods.

Noreen Morgan, whose family have lived in the area all their lives, says: “Enough is enough! This is not acceptable any more, we are facing this problem three or four times a year every year.

“The roads are an absolute joke at the moment, for the last three weeks they have been impossible to drive through. Even to leave my children to Kingisland Primary School takes an extra 20 to 30 minutes detour because of the ongoing roadworks near the Tamnamore Roundabout. The flooding in this area is not acceptable and something needs to be done about it.”




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