“I will fight for justice in my family’s name”

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THE daughter of an SDLP activist who was gunned down by loyalists at his home near Moy almost 40 years ago, says she will press ahead with her campaign for justice in the case for the sake of her mother and brother.

In a heartfelt video interview with Denise Mullen Fox - who says she was deprived of her childhood following the brutal murder of her beloved father - tells how countless other families in the Mid Ulster area have been given fresh hope in the wake of a new book which details previously unpublished reports from the Historical Enquiries Team (HET).

Denise was just four years old when her father was shot by loyalists and died instantly.

She stayed with the body of her father in a blood stained nightdress for two hours following the shooting.

Sadly, Denise’s story is not unique and is one of several local so-called Murder Triangle cases which are examined by Anne Cadwallader’s new book, Lethal Allies.

Other cases of local importance investigated by the HET and detailed in the book include the murders of Edendork couple, James and Gertrude Devlin, Patrick Falls from Aughamullan, and Sean Farmer from outside Moy.

Read more about the book and its impact on these cases in this week’s Tyrone Times.


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