Parochial A leading the way in GO League

Ladies Triples: O Kyle, G Simms and D Young

Ladies Triples: O Kyle, G Simms and D Young

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Little has changed at the top of the ‘GO’ League with Parochial A still in top spot following their win at home to St Mary’s.

St Mary’s made a good start to the season but successive defeats have seen them lose ground.

They suffered a particularly heavy defeat at St Joseph’s, nor helped by having to field minus several regulars. This win moved St Joseph’s away from the relegation

Lafarge also did their position no hard with an impressive win at Maghera Pres. Tamlaght cemented third place with an away win at Kildress.

In Section 2, Parochial B have moved ahead and look set to secure top spot with 1st Magherafelt, St Swithin’s and Lisnagleer competing for the second spot.


Cookstown Parochial A 53 (9.5) St Mary’s 30 (1.5)

St Joseph’s 76 (11) St Mary’s 15 (0)

Maghera Pres 32 (1) Lafarge 68 (10)

Kildress 35 (1) Tamlaght 54 (10)

Moortown 34 (2.5) St Joseph’s 45 (8.5)

John Bosco 43 (9) Ballinderry 36 (2)

Lisnagleer 36 (1.5) St Swithin’s Mix 48 (9.5)

Sperrin 40 (10) Molesworth 34 (1)


Cook Par A 11 109

Cook High 10 86½

Tamlaght 11 83

St Joseph’s 11 57½

Lafarge Comm 11 53

St Mary’s 11 53

Kildress 10 44

Moortown 11 36

Derryloran 11 33½

Maghera Pres 11 30½


Cook Par B 11 92½

1st Magh 11 74½

Lisnagleer 11 74

St Swith Mix 10 73½

St John’s 10 48

Molesworth 10 46½

John Bosco 10 52½

Sperrin 10 46½

Ballinderry 11 34

RBL 10 24


The Zone mixed pairs will be on 30 January and the rinks on 13 February. Entries are also being received for Christ Church and St Swithin’s pairs.

The following have qualified for the national finals

Singles: D McElroy (cook Par), D Jordan (Cook High), C McKnight (Tamlaght)

Pairs: D McElroy (Cook Par), T Johnston (St Joseph’s)

Triples: R Hosseini (Tamlaght)

Rinks: S McGlinchey (St Joseph’s)

Ladies Singles: B Davidson (Cook Par)

Ladies Pairs: H Greer (St Swithin’s Mixed)

Ladies Triples: G Simms (Derryloran)

Over 55s: T Quinn (Moortown)

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