O’Neill’s host railway talk

Derry bound goods train in Dungannon Station
Derry bound goods train in Dungannon Station

The O’Neill Country Historical Society’s next talk of the year is on “The Derry Road”.

A stretch of railway between Portadown and Omagh, it will be delivered by Damian Woods, a retired Vice Principal of St Patrick’s Grammar School Armagh now living in Dungannon. Damian grew up in a ‘railway family‘ and has studied the history of the local railways for many years. He has written and talked extensively on this subject.

The development of the railway network in Ireland during the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries impacted on every aspect of Irish life, social, economic, political etc.

Damian will pay particular attention to the local stations, Annaghmore, Verners Halt, Trew and Moy, Dungannon etc.

The development of the rail network in the Ulster province over approximately 100 years was no different and it had a hugely significant impact on the history of each individual rail area.

So there’s little doubt his talk, illustrated with old images, will stir up nostalgic memories and of course we, as a society, are always interested in hearing and recording specific interesting folk memory contributions from members of the audience itself.

Please come along to The Benburb Priory Library, 10 Main St, Benburb on Tuesday, May 14 at 8pm to hear Damian deliver this extremely important talk. Everyone welcome.