Dungannon Film Club screen Falsos Positivos

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Dungannon Film Club have been approached by Professor Brandon Hamber from Ulster University to take part in a study of conflict and its aftermath. Screening Violence is an international project, led by the University of Newcastle in partnership with Ulster University, which looks at how conflict has been represented in film in Algeria, Colombia, Indonesia, Argentina and Northern Ireland. In each partner country, interested groups and individuals will watch a series of films about the conflicts in each of the other countries. After the screenings there will be an opportunity to discuss the film, the issues that it throws up and the relevance to our own local views and experiences. These reactions and reflections will be recorded to create a series of new short films and to look at what we might learn from each other around the memory, depiction and legacy of conflict and peacebuilding. The project in Northern Ireland is led by Professor Brandon Hamber of Ulster University, in partnership with the Nerve Centre.

The first screening for the project is the Colombian film Falsos Positivos, a 2009 documentary exploring the scandal of up to 3000 state killings in which civilians were allegedly murdered by soldiers and presented as combatants to boost body counts in the Colombian civil war. The film looks at allegations that this was an effective State policy and that Senior Officers involved were promoted in light of their involvement. Falsos Positivos raises questions about State and opposition actions in conflict and the difficulties for peace processes in navigating the past.

Dungannon Film Club will be screening Falsos Positivos at 7.30pm on Friday, June 14 in Ranfurly Arts Centre. Free Admission. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits.