Dungannon author pens ‘guide to dating’

Author Eileen M. Kerr.
Author Eileen M. Kerr.

An author from County Tyrone has written a general guidebook for every woman in the dating scene.

Eileen M. Kerr’s ‘The Fool No Longer’ has been published by Austin MacAuley publishers.

Through sharing parts of her own misfortunes and previous ill-fated relationships, and with observations of other women’s romances, Eileen Kerr summarises a range of men that females may be likely to encounter.

Whether seeking simple companionship or a potential marriage, every woman has the chance to meet these stereotypes of men, such as Mr Mummy’s Boy, Mr Scrooge, Mr Womaniser and many others.

Eileen offers logical explanations of why men behave in such specific ways.

She also provides rational reasoning and personal reflections of how women should and may seek to escape such undesirable partners.

The Fool No Longer by Eileen M. Kerr is available on Austinmacauley.com and Amazon.co.uk.

It is priced £5.99 (paperback) and £3.50 (Kindle Ebook).