Elderly voters helped to polling booths in Dungannon

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The way some people get all excited, and annoyed or even angry sometimes, you’d think the whole election razzmatazz is a new phenomenon.

Not so as this lovely old picture from the Dungannon Observer 58 years ago, in 1958, indicates.

It shows two of the most colourful and hardworking members of Dungannon Urban Council of that era making absolutely sure they would be maximising the nationalist - or anti-Unionist, take your pick - electoral turn-out by assisting some of the more elderly voters to the polling station.

Despite the scarcity of people with cars when I was still at primary school, getting the relatively short distance to mark your X on the paper, was pretty easy for most folk. But, if memory serves me correctly, the polling booth for Ann Street folk was at the old ‘Dole Office’ (unemployment exchange) which is now where the Housing Executive is at the start of the Ballygawley Road.

My great aunt Kate-Ann Hughes lived in the Back Pens (Savings Bank Street where Ann St.car park is) and was 89 and she really valued her vote.