Marvellous pictorial memory from 1950s


There was amazing response to last week’s article, and more especially the photograph, on the Dungannon INF silver band. Some people wanted copies of the picture, others just said how it brought back many fond memories of St. Patrick’s Days of old and others commented on seeing dearly departed loves ones, writes YER MAN ABOUT TOWN

One man emailed me to say it reminded him that he has, somewhere in his attic I believe, an 8mm film of the Foresters Band parading up Ann Street around 1967.

He said that, even though it only lasts a minute or two, he has been trying desperately to get it on dvd format. I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research on his behalf and came up with a likely source to get that done for him.

But when I contacted him he was heading away for a couple of days and didn’t have time to try and locate the film, so thus far it hasn’t progressed any further. I will keep you posted on that one, therefore.

Now there’s another interesting development following on from last week’s story and picture for Scotch Street’s longserving family butcher Mick Cullen also had a picture relating to Irish National Foresters. I understand he got a copy of the picture from Helen McRory, former principal of Donaghmore Convent.

Unlike last week’s which was of the band and which was taken in the early 1960s at a practice session in the old INF premises at the top of Market Square, between the old post office and the former Castle Cinema, this photograph was taken in the early 950s outside their previous club building at the top of the Donaghmore Road - which later became Smith’s Salesyard and it was of sixty or seventy members.

The picture is of remarkable quality, as seen above, and through Mick and a few others I believe we have the names of some, probably all deceased. See how many you can spot and you can let me know! Harry Corr (Helen’s father) is fourth from left in the second row. Geordie Rocks is second from left and just in front of him is Jimmy Quinn. Fourth face from left in front is Pat Campbell, while ex-barber Paddy Finnegan is right in middle at front, and third right at front is Ann Street’s Johnny Madden. Standing third right former Church Street sweet shop owner Vincent McCrystal, while third step down on right is Aloysius Kelly,Harry McBride top left, just behind Joe McDonald, Bertie Foley just right of them, behind Jimmy Ferran.

Others include Mick Skeffington, Packie Grimes, Johnny Murphy, John Mulgrew and Pat McNulty.