NI Water Bus drives home lessons to St John’s Primary pupils

Boys and girls from St John's Primary School, Kingsisland, Coalisland on'the Water Bus.

Boys and girls from St John’s Primary School, Kingsisland, Coalisland, pictured on the NI Water Bus.

The NI Water Bus visited St John’s to tell children in Primary Four to Seven all about the Water Cycle.

Children heard about how water is stored in reservoirs as well as how water is cleaned before it gets into our taps.

The Key Stage Two and Three pupils got reminders on the importance of putting only the three Ps - pee, poo and paper - into the toilet, as well as tips on how to save water, like not running the tap when you’re brushing your teeth and taking showers rather than baths.

Information on all of NI Water’s key messages and campaigns can be found by logging on to

(Picture kindly submitted).

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