St Patrick’s Day tinged with sad memories of Hillcrest Bar bombing in Dungannon

Hillcrest Bar  INTT4410-770X
Hillcrest Bar INTT4410-770X

It will be exactly forty years this Thursday since one of the most dastardly deeds of the entire Troubles was perpetrated on the town of Dungannon, so it will be an even more especially poignant time for the many families and friends of the victims of the infamous Hillcrest Bar bombing.

The simple celebrations of the patron saint around the town were devastated in the early evening by the car bomb outside the Donaghmore Road pub, the explosion claiming the lives of four innocent people in the vicinity of the fiendish crime scene at the wrong time - Andy Small, Joseph Kelly and two boys in their very early teens, James McCaughey and Patrick Barnard - and maiming scores more of people guilty of nothing more than merely enjoying themselves.

Still the loved ones are awaiting justice, this landmark anniversary of their grievous bringing them more painful memories.