Tyrone CEs excel in Irish competitions

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Members of two local Junior Christian Endeavour Societies did exceptionally well in the recent 104th Irish National Christian Endeavour Convention Competitions.

Open to Endeavourers from throughout Irish CE, the standard was high so the judges had a very difficult task choosing the ultimate winners.

Local prizewinners included: Badge - nine & 10 years; Second, John Stinson, Clonaneese Presbyterian. CE Poster - 9 & 10 years: First Rebekah Booth, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian; third, Alex Kennedy, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian. CE Poster - 11 years & over: third, Rebecca Frizelle, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian. Fruits of the Spirit poster - eight years and under: First Charlie Sloan, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian; second Anna Booth, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh; third Kyle Boyd, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh. Fruits of the Spirit poster - nine & 10 years; Second Isaac Busby, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian; third, Danielle Pike, Clonaneese Presbyterian. Fruits of the Spirit poster - 11 years & over; First Hannah Moore, Ballygawley & Ballyreagh Presbyterian. Congratulations have been extended to all for their well earned success. The prizes were presented at the Convention’s recent Junior Rally held in Ballygawley Presbyterian Church.

Christian Endeavour (C.E.) is a non-denominational movement which seeks to teach and train its members for service in their local church through participation in regular meetings and by taking an active role in group work.

Members are encouraged to take the C.E. promise, which promotes commitment to Christ, the local Church and fellow believers.

Junior Christian Endeavour offers an action-packed programme for boys and girls up to the age of 13. Its two main objectives are to lead boys and girls to the Lord Jesus Christ and to start to train them for service to Christ and His church.

CE also encourages its members to meet Endeavourers from other churches, other parts of the country and from all over the world. Churches join to form Unions, Unions form Regions and National Unions, and these together form the British CE Union which brings together all Endeavourers in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales,