163 new social houses to tackle Dungannon’s homelessness crisis

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New building sites and existing developments in Dungannon have been targeted for social housing in a bid to tackle the town’s growing homelessness crisis.

In all, the major Housing Executive building programme will see a total of 163 social housing units built in the Dungannon area by 2020.

The much neeeded boost for the town, which has suffered from a lack of severe affordable housing, will see housing associations develop sites at Quarry Lane, Annagole, Killymaddy Hill, Killyman Road, Sloan Street and William Street.

Dungannon will gain 150 of the new housing units, with a further 8 in Moygashel and 5 in Castlecaulfield.

Most of the new homes will be completed by 2019, while the 40 units planned for Quarry Lane by Fold will be finished by 2020.

In recent months, local politicians have raised concerns at the lack of social housing, growing waiting lists, rising private rents and a homeless man who was living on the streets of Dungannon.

Sinn Fein MP Francie Molloy has called on the Housing Executive to start funding more new homes in the area, he suggested the site of the old Army Barracks on the Killymeal Road, Dungannon as one potential site.

A total of 1,037 people in Mid Ulster were listed as ‘in housing stress’ in March. Single people continue to dominate the list of those still on waiting lists for social homes in Mid Ulster, with small families second worst off.

The waiting list in the Mid Ulster area alone had a total of 1,037 people or families who were described as ‘in housing stress’ at March 31, this year.