£18k Housing Executive investment in Annaghshee and Lisnahull

News trees and shrubs have been planted
News trees and shrubs have been planted

The £18,000 spent on landscape gardening and improvements in the Annaghshee area of Dungannon has been welcomed locally.

Mid Ulster SDLP councillor - who pushed for the improvements - said she is “delighted with the tree and shrub planting at both Annaghshee and Lisnahull Park.

“This will help enhance the overall look off these areas - as well as improve drainage in that particular area in Annaghshee - where pathways on the approaching tree and shrub areas were also cleaned.

“I’m also currently liaising with Housing Executive personnel for the siting of summer seats in the Lisnahull park area.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive, which spent £18,000 on the work, said “the Ground Maintenance Team covering the South Region completed the work, which has renovated the area”.

“As well as the new hedges, various types of flowers have been planted including viburnum, cornus, forsythia and a range of deciduous and broad leaved trees,” they added, but said on top of “the large planting schemes, a new brick pathway was installed to give local residents better access to amenities.

Following consultation with residents, work began at the end of January and has recently been completed with an investment of over £18,000 from the Housing Executive.

The Housing Executive’s Area Manager Michael Dallat said: “Our local staff listened to the concerns of the local community, who identified disused land that could be utilised for the benefit of the greater Dungannon area. The planting of the flowers and shrubs make the area look nicer and residents welcomed the work.

“This investment is an excellent example of the Housing Executive improving local areas and building vibrant communities.”