1st Caledon Boys’ Brigade Display success

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Parents and friends were gathered for the 82nd annual display of 1st Caledon Company of the Boys’ Brigade on Saturday, April 1 in St Mark’s Parish Hall, Killylea (kindly granted).

The opening hymn, Scripture reading and prayer by Rev. Barry Reid, followed the ‘Fall In’ of the Company. The Chairman, Rev. Bill Atkins, then welcomed everyone and gave a special welcome to the Guest of Honour, Rev Ivan Thompson, Minister of Lislooney and Knappagh Presbyterian Churces, and his wife, Mr. Walter Mullan, Honorary Vice-President of the Mid-Ulster Battalion, Mr. Gordon Auld, Captain of 1st Armagh Company, and his wife Janet, former Leader in 1st Caledon Company.

The Company Section Drill Squad opened the programme with their drill routine, under their new Squad Commander, Cpl. Luke Murray. The Anchor Boys reminded the audience about the story of The Miracle Picnic, so displaying things they had learnt about throughout the session. The Junior Section enthusiastically followed this with their drama The Red Hat Club. The Company and Senior Sections then treated the audience with a comical sketch entitled Walls, while the Anchor Boys demonstrated alternative options in If I were not an Anchor Boy. The Company Section were then put through their paces demonstrating their box work, and the Junior Section showed off their marching skills by performing a challenging Figure Marching sequence. The Junior Section brought the evening to a close with their Finale, highlighting the 100th celebrations this year since the formation of the Junior Section.

Company and Senior Section Awards

Mrs Thompson presented the awards and prizes as follows:

Willis Cup for Christian Education – 1st Pte. Aaron Morrow, 2nd Sgt. Cameron Martin.

Uniform Shield – Sgt. Kyle Nugent.

Johnston Cup for Best Boy – Sgt. Matthew Marshall.

Squad 1 under Squad Commander Sgt. Matthew Marshall won the W.R. Scott Cup for Best Squad. The other squad members were Cpl. Benjamin Martin, L/Cpl. Sam Rainey, L/Cpl Philip Scott and Pte. Richard Livingstone.

The following boys received awards for full attendance throughout the year – Sgt. Matthew Marshall, Sgt. Kyle Nugent, L/Cpl. Aaron Gillespie, L/Cpl. Philip Scott, Pte. Sam Nicolay, Pte. Richard Livingstone, Pte. Daniel McGuckin.

Queen’s Badges

Three Queen’s Badges were awarded. The Queen’s Badge is the highest award that can be gained in the Boys’ Brigade. The mothers of Sgts. Matthew Marshall, Cameron Martin and Kyle Nugent, pinned on their badges. Sgts. Matthew Marshall and Kyle Nugent were also awarded a Bible for unbroken attendance throughout their years in the Company.

President’s Badges

Seven President’s Badges were awarded. The President’s Badge is the second highest award that can be gained in the Boys’ Brigade. Mrs Thompson presented this award to L/Cpls. Luke Murray, Kyle George, Benjamin Martin, Sam Rainey, Dylan Anderson, Aaron Gillespie and Philip Scott.

Junior Section Awards

Parents Association Cup for Best Boy – Louis Anderson.

Caledon Cup for Best Team – under Leading boy Peter Reid, along with Sam McCoy, Toby Hackett, Adam Donaldson and Harry Sloane.

The following boys received awards for full attendance throughout the year – Louis Anderson, Sam McCoy, Jonathan Coulter and Harry Morrow.

Anchor Boy Awards

Samuel McCarragher Cup for Best Boy – Mark Atkins.

Farley Best Recruit Shield – Ethan Burnside.

Highest Collector for Anchor Boy Charity - Jamie Quinn

Collection over £45 prizes – Jay McAlister, Rhys Robinson, Ethan Burnside and Robbie Herron.

Collection over £25 prizes – Daniel Marshall & Jonathan Anderson.

The following boys received awards for full attendance throughout the year – Mark Atkins, Harry Coalter, Alfie Cummings and Jamie Morrow.

In his remarks, the Inspecting Officer, Rev Thompson stated that he was delighted to be a special guest at the display, being a former member of the Boys’ Brigade. He praised the boys and leaders for all their hard work throughout the session and for the effort that had been put it for the display. He then went on to remind everyone present of various road signs and how they can direct us to follow Jesus. Rev Thomson also awarded the Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council Shield for Best Personality to George Hanthorn, from the Junior Section.

The Captain thanked Rev. Thompson and Mrs. Thompson for their attendance, acknowledged Mrs Herron for playing the piano and for looking after the Company on parade nights in Caledon Parish Hall. He also thanked Killylea Parish vestry for the use of the hall throughout the session and for Alwyn Bloomer for helping out with sound for the display. He finally thanked all his fellow Officers and Leaders for continued support throughout the year, and presented Mrs Emily Moffett with a small token of appreciation on her decision to retire from her role in the Junior Section.

During the thanks by Rev. Atkins, he noted that the success of the company lay in the leadership of the NCO’s, with guidance from a loyal band of officers and leaders – Mr. M. Gillespie, Mr. D. Cupples, Mr. A. Gillespie, Mrs. E. Moffett, Mrs. K. Marshall, Mrs. H. Farley, Miss. J. Holland and Mrs. J. Atkins. After the singing of the National Anthem and the benediction, a very enjoyable evening was brought to a close. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a lovely supper, provided by the parents, for which Rev. Atkins said grace.