25 drunk teens ‘dealt with’ by police at Cookstown Basshunter gig

PSNI officers with Basshunter
PSNI officers with Basshunter

Despite warnings police would be on the prowl for underage drinkers on Friday night, 25 teenagers found under the influence must now sit an alcohol awareness course.

Mid Ulster PSNI, which confirmed the number that have agreed to attend the course, issued a statement before Teen Clubland’s sold out Basshunter gig.

But it appears a number of youths missed the stern message, which was reported by the Mail on Friday afternoon.

In it they said: “To all those young people heading out in Cookstown this Friday night to throw a few shapes on the dance floor, you know the score so here comes the lecture.

“Remember if you’re under 18 and found to be under the influence of alcohol you will be dealt with.” 

They went on to say: “To consume alcohol underage is an offence and you can expect to spend the evening with one of our lovely NPT officers. Parents/guardians will be contacted and you will be attending an Alcohol Awareness Course in the very near future.”

True to their word, a number of parents were called, and 25 young people will be attending that course.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said after the event: “Following a teenage disco on Molesworth Street in the Cookstown area on Friday, March 3, 25 youths have agreed to attend an Alcohol Awareness Course.”

It is unclear whether any of those 13 to 17-year-olds required medical treatment, but police did publicly thank Cookstown’s Street Angels “for all the help with first aid when needed”.

It is understood Teenage Clubland has what revellers call a “sick room” - and that anyone found in a bad way on the premises is brought there for help, before their parents are contacted and asked to come and collect them.