£325k spent on parking in Dungannon

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OFF-STREET car parking in Dungannon town centre has generated £325,975 in revenue over the last three years.

Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy, revealed the figures to the Assembly in response to a question from MLA David McNarry.

The biggest earning of the town’s four carparks was Castle Hill, which brought in £54,772 in revenue during 2013/14. That figure for a three year-period was £164,715.

Anne Street East carpark generated just £9,973 in revenue last year, while the Church Street/Perry Street facility brought in £11,459.

Meanwhile, the carpark at Scotch Street North drew £31,769 from motorists during the same period.

Compared with other local council areas, the amount of money generated by off-street parking in Dungannon falls short of towns such as Magherafelt, where the top earning carpark - Rainey Street - brought in £146,620 last year alone.

Over a three-year period, the Rainey Street carpark saw motorists fork out a staggering £431,479 to leave their vehicles in the town.

In Omagh, meanwhile, the carpark at Johnston Park brought in £403,877 in revenue over the same period.