£50K cultural group not behind Moygashel poster

The poster commemorating Wesley Somerville which has been put up in Moygashel.
The poster commemorating Wesley Somerville which has been put up in Moygashel.

A cultural group in Moygashel which was awarded over £50,000 to tackle sectarianism was NOT responsible for the poster commemorating a loyalist killer.

As reported by the Times last week, the poster features Wesley Somerville, who was himself killed by his own bomb during the Miami Showband massacre.

The poster claims it is sponsored by ‘Moygashel Cultural Group’.

DUP councillor Kim Ashton said there appeared to be two ‘cultural groups’ operating in the troubled village, which has hit the headlines in recent weeks, with sinister racist warnings.

“The group that has been awarded the money by International Fund for Ireland is Moygashel Community and Cultural Association,” said Mrs Ashton. “This group has nothing to do with Moygashel Cultural Group.”

But Sinn Fein councillor Dominic Molly said questions remain.

“The questions must be asked, how is this public money going to be spent, and who is responsible for putting up posters like this, and what will be done to tackle this problem?” he said.

Last week, Stephen Travers, a survivor of the Miami Showband massacre said the killer poster should remain in place in Moygashel as mark of shame for the area.

Meanwhile, a Dungannon resident contacted the Times, to express what he claims is the ongoing anger in the unionist community over the memorial to IRA men in Lisnahull Park.

“I cannot understand, why there is such a furore over this poster in Moygashel, when there has been an IRA memorial in Lisnahull for years,” said the man, who would only give his name as John.

“People from the unionist community have to drive past that every day, and it causes a lot of anger.

“If we are going to talk about Moygashel, then we need to talk about Lisnahull and what is being done about it. I don’t think we should have any terrorist tributes in the town,” he added.