580 bullet rounds and 3 guns seized by anti-terrorist police in Tyrone

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The threat from terrorists in Tyrone is still prevalent according to latest figures released by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The figures show that substantial police resources are still being deployed across the county to monitor the activities of dissident suspects, and to thwart planned attacks.

During the 2014/2015 financial year, police in Tyrone recovered 580 rounds of ammunition, three firearms and made seven arrests linked to terrorist activity.

However, none of the arrests led to formal charges.

Police also investigated a shooting incident related to terrorism, as well as three paramilitary attacks which left the victims requiring treatment.

There have been a series of peaks and troughs in dissident republican activity in recent years, but the latest figures up until June 2015 suggest there has been a downturn in terrorist activity across Tyrone.

In the latest police raid, searches were carried out on properties in the Townsend Street area of Strabane on August 22.

The PSNI said recent policing operations had disrupted dissident republican activity in the area.

They asked the public to remain vigilant and “report any suspicious activity”

The threat state in Northern Ireland is “severe”, the second highest, meaning an attack by republican terrorists is “highly likely”. Last year terrorist incidents took place weekly across the North with security officials fearing that eventually an attack will result in loss of life.