£700 raised during Donaghmore hunt

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Another tremendous display of team work was evident on Saturday, February 20, as the Donaghmore contingent of the Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds hosted a memorable day in and around their home town.

From the outset it was clear to see the effort that had been put into putting on the day was something of immense planning and physical exertion, whilst also displaying a tremendous amount of thought for the local landowners and farmers all resulting in a great days variety of hunting country.

The now feature of the Donaghmore hunt is the Midway Gate Jumping competition and this year’s feature did not disappoint, as the field was whittled away down, three were left to attempt the impressive obstacle standing at an impressive 135cms in not altogether favourable ground conditions. It was the young contender, Craig Ferry that took the glory in being the last man standing to clear the mighty gate and is this year custodian of the Donaghmore Gate Jumping Cup.

One other highlight of the day was the awarding of the Best Turned Out trophy and the award rightly went to Karuna Gourley judged expertly by John Goodwin and her delight was evident although Karuna should be reminded it is customary to fill the cup upon receiving the award and the failure not to do so has not went unnoticed!

As if all above was not enough effort and dedication to put into one day, the host kindly decided to raise money for a very worthy cause on the day too and via the sale of ballot tickets and the very kind donation by the many many sponsors that must be especially thanked, the day raised a mighty sum of £700 for Torrent Buddies a very worthwhile cause.

The landowners and farmers have been mentioned already but they’re due another thank you and also the hosts and fellow helpers on the day including the Lambe family, Jones family, Faloon family, Galvin family, Currie family and Frank O’Neil.