A new low in televised torture? Michaella McCollum Big Brother bombshell

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Dungannon drugs mule Michaella McCollum is being tipped by a tabloid newspaper to appear on Big Brother.

The Sun newspaper has dropped the bombshell that McCollum has apparently held discussions with producers of the reality show and could be set to appear in this year’s programme alongside her Peru accomplice Melissa Reid.

This year’s fight for survival in the Big Brother house will be based around a pairs theme, according to reports.

McCollum shot to notoriety after she was caught with Reid concealing cocaine worth £1.5million in their luggage at Lima airport in Peru.

Big Brother contestants are trapped in a bungalow and deprived of contact with the outside world. However, McCollum and Reid are no strangers to incarceration, having been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison in December 2013.

The Big Brother show has become renowned for stirring up controversies including race rows and claims of assault as well as its bad language and behaviour, but this latest move might strike a new low in terms of televised torture for viewers.