Almost four times the limit on the road

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A Killeeshil man had “one of the highest readings” ever heard at Dungannon Court.

Appearing before the court to be sentenced was father of four Barry Robert Watt, 44, of Killeeshil Road.

He was stopped by police in the early evening of June 9th on Old Dungannon Road near Ballygawley. He consequently provided a breath sample almost four times the proscribed alcohol limit.

“This was one of the highest readings you will have come across at this court,” Mr Noel Dillon, defending, said.

“He fully accepts that this was daft and irrational. He was a danger to all road users.

“As a parent he should know that driving over the limit... is not on. This is his first drink driving.

“This conviction is going to impact on his ability to make a livelihood... and have repercussions far beyond this court.”

District Judge John Meehan said, “While one acknowledges that he accepts fully the charge, in the pre-sentence report it states that he presents as someone more concerned with being detected than the risk he caused to the public.

“He was drinking the night before and called into a bar prior to his detection.

“There are still people like him... with a reading like 130. It is pathetic.

“You are an affront to the community and you present as a risk to them.

“Newspapers carry tragic consequences of this sort of flagrant self-indulgence all too often.

“I will allow you, on this occasion, to deal with this within the community,” he stated as he imposed a 150 hour community service order as well as a two-year driving ban.