Amazon US nominates Tyrone border thriller as most exciting read of the week

Disappeared has been selected as one of the best reads of the week by Amazon US
Disappeared has been selected as one of the best reads of the week by Amazon US

TYRONE author, Anthony Quinn, has had his debut thriller Disappeared selected by Amazon’s US editors as one of the best reads of the week, featuring it alongside best sellers such as Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn.

The critically acclaimed detective novel, which has been nominated for a Strand Literary Award and selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the ten best crime novels of 2012, is featured in this week’s Kindle Select 25 promotion, Amazon’s selection of best sellers, hot new releases and editors’ picks.

Anthony said it was an honour to have his book selected by Amazon’s US editors and promoted to its Kindle readers across America.

“It’s very flattering to see Disappeared listed alongside great books such as Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn and other New York Times best sellers.

“And it’s fantastic news to see it still selling so well nearly 18 months after it was first published in the States.

“My London publisher is planning its UK launch in August, so it will be interesting to see how well it does in the UK and Ireland. After all, it is a thriller set in Northern Ireland, so its natural audience should be here.”

Anthony said he was inspired to write the book as a response to the recent rise in popularity in Irish crime fiction.

“I’d read some of the recent crime fiction set in the North, but never felt that these books spoke to me about the Northern Ireland I know, its people, who were snared in an extraordinary situation during the Troubles, and its landscape, in particular the Lough Neagh hinterland of Tyrone and Armagh.

“As well as writing a book that was a good read with vivid characters and setting, I wanted to show how a country emerges from the long shadows of the past, as well as examine the current social and political unrest that still perturbs the surface of life here.”

In addition, Anthony’s latest book, an historical thriller called The Blood-Dimmed Tide, which explores WB Yeats’ obsession with ghosts, is being published by No Exit Press in October.

The story of how Ireland’s greatest poet becomes embroiled in the search for a killer after a girl’s body is mysteriously washed ashore in a coffin, has already attracted praise from the likes of Irish author Ken Bruen, who said of the book: “In Quinn’s hands crime fiction and literature are blended into something truly wondrous and entertaining.”

Haunted by the restless spirit of an Irish girl whose body is mysteriously washed ashore in a coffin, Yeats undertakes a perilous journey back to Ireland with his apprentice ghost-catcher Charles Adams to piece together the killer’s identity.

As well as describing Yeats’ adventures with spies, occultists and diehard female rebels, the book charts how the Irish nation moves from the ethereal mists of Yeats’ Celtic twilight to become a modern country with doctrines of democracy and political leaders with social conscience.

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