American guests visit Brocagh

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On Wednesday, April 29, the Prioress General of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm from New York will make a Pilgrimage to the shrine of their Holy Foundress in St Brigid’s, Chruch, Brocagh.

The celebration of the visit will begin with con-celebrated Mass at 12noon and with Evening Prayer of the Church and Benediction at 7pm. Both celebrations will be in St Brigid’s Church, Brocagh. This is of particular significance as this year has been called by Pope Francis “A Year of Consecrated Life”.

Mother Angeline was born in Brocagh in 1893 and was baptised with the name Brigid McCrory. Her family left for Scotland in 1900 and in 1915 she joined the Little Sisters of the Poor in France. She was sent to New York in 1922 and in 1929 she founded her own religious order “The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm”. Her order has now numerous care homes across the United States and one in Dalkey, South County Dublin. She died in 1984 on her birthday 21st January.

Pope Benedict XVI declared her Venerable in June 2012. The next stage on the way to canonisation will be for the Pope to Beatify her and give confer on her the title “Blessed”.

She is well known for intercessory prayers especially in helping people find employment. This will be an historical occasion for the people of Brocagh and the Parish of Clonoe who are looking very much forward to the coming of these distinguished American visitors.

Both ceremonies are open to everyone and all will be very welcome.