‘Any new frontier between Britain and the EU must be around Ireland - not across it’

Councillor Martin Kearney, SDLP
Councillor Martin Kearney, SDLP

SDLP Mid Ulster Councillor Martin Kearney has said the democratic will of the 60 per cent in Mid Ulster who voted to remain in the European Union must be respected.

Speaking at a meeting of Mid Ulster Council where the SDLP group called for urgent discussions with representatives of the British and Irish Governments, Cllr Kearney said: “Since it became clear that a majority of people in the North had voted to remain in the European Union, the SDLP has been working hard to ensure the democratic will of people here is respected. “We’ve held discussions with parties across these islands and Heads of State across this continent to establish the growing consensus that the will of our people cannot be ignored.

“It’s even more important in areas like Mid Ulster that are hubs of industry and critical to the regional economy.

“Access to the European single market is vital for businesses across this constituency who export to other member states. And perhaps more importantly, the free movement of people and services across this island as a result of EU membership, which has allowed all island business to flourish, must be defended.

“The SDLP has been clear. There can be no return to a physical border across this island. Any new frontier between Britain and the EU must be around Ireland, not across it.

“Withdrawal from the EU threatens the sustainability and prosperity of businesses, communities and our rural way of life. Given the particular circumstances of Mid Ulster, it’s imperative that local representatives do all we can to defend the democratically stated will of people here. That’s why we’re calling for an urgent meeting with representatives of both governments.”