Arson attack was ‘attack on the wider community’ says Mid Ulster councillor

Cllr Gavin Bell
Cllr Gavin Bell

Sinn Féin Mid Ulster Councillor Gavin Bell has strongly condemned an arson attack at the home of a Ballinderry couple.

A Mercedes car parked at the house was completely destroyed after flammable liquid was thrown over it and set alight on Wednesday night in the Ballinderry Bridge Road area.

It is understood the couple had recently moved in to the property.

Councillor Bell said: “We have worked hard in the community and council area to help bring about much needed social housing to the area.

“Triangle Housing Association have done a brilliant job in finishing the new development, Killetra, to a very high standard, so for such an attack is not only personal but an attack on the wider community.

“Trying to attract more new build social housing to the area has just been made more difficult, by the culprits.

“Ballinderry is a very peaceful and friendly village to live and visit, no one wants this kind of activity. I would appeal to those behind this attack to stop immediately and think of the lives they have put at risk.

“The community must stand united against this anti-social behaviour and the Police must carry out their investigations and bring those behind this to justice.”