Attack on Union Flag pole in Augher ‘won’t break neighbourly spirit’

Flag pole damaged in Augher
Flag pole damaged in Augher

DUP Clogher Valley Councillor Wills Robinson has spoken of his disappointment that a Union Flag was removed on Thursday night just outside Augher.

He said the Union Flag has flown in a triangle of ground for several generations.

“Only a few weeks ago a new pole was erected and some have clearly made a decision to stir up the matter by breaking it down,” said Cllr. Robinson.

“Most people in this area have no problem and take a ‘live and let live’ attitude. This incident whilst disappointing will not break that neighbourly and generous spirit.

“The Twelfth celebrations in this locality are very respectful and Roman Catholics alongside Protestants will watch the bands as they parade their local towns before going to the main parade.

“For this country to move forward there needs to be a spirit of acceptance and tolerance. We are neighbours every day and behave in such a way by helping and caring for each other. Whether someone supports the Union Flag or not should not break that spirit of decency.”

He added: “The Union Flag is the flag of this country. I would’t tamper with an Irish tricolour when I’m in the Republic of Ireland therefore similar respect should be shown to the Union Flag in Northern Ireland.”