Author launches latest spy thriller Undertow

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Critically acclaimed Tyrone author Anthony Quinn will launch his latest novel Undertow on December 14 at Waterstones, Belfast.

The novel, which is set along the Irish border, is the latest in the Daily Mail Crime Novel of the Year series of detective novels featuring Inspector Celcius Daly.

In the latest adventure, Daly is in Dreesh, a desolate village where law and order have ground to a halt, and whose residents, ruined by a chain of bankruptcies, have fallen under the spell of a malevolent crime boss with powerful political connections to paramilitaries.

Out of his jurisdiction and out of his comfort zone, Daly is plunged into a shadowy border world of desperate informers, drunken ex-cops, freelance intelligence agents and violent smugglers.

Kept deliberately in the dark by police forces on both sides of the border, Daly’s dogged investigation will spark an outbreak of murderous violence as the truth begins to emerge from the shadows.

Quinn, who was Libraries NI Writer-in-Residence for 2016, said: “Growing up along the Irish border during the Troubles, I wanted to run away but somehow I’ve remained rooted to the spot.

“Undertow is a spy thriller of sorts and also a meditation on the social and psychological effects of the Irish border.

“It steers away from the broader political and military tensions of the region and focuses on the personal betrayals induced in a group of tense and doomed police detectives working in parallel along both sides of the border.”

All are welcome to the book launch which starts at 6.30pm.