Ballygawley water supply solution welcomed

SDLP Candidate Sharon McAleer
SDLP Candidate Sharon McAleer

CLOGHER Valley SDLP candidate Sharon McAleer has welcomed the proposed resolution of a long-running issue with the water supply to residents in the Shantavney area of Ballygawley.

McAleer said, “For some time residents living in the Shantavney area have received a very poor service from NI Water. There have been repeated problems due to the elevation of many of the properties in the area, with low water pressure causing essential pumps along the mains supply to switch off.

“This has resulted in residents experiencing complete loss of water supply every few days, and sometimes more than once a day, requiring lengthy correspondence with NI Water each time.

“A solution to the problem was identified last year. By placing the pumps on to storage from Glenchuil Service Reservoir this would provide a steady pressure and additional storage should there be an issue with the main supply.

“The new water main associated with this solution was scheduled to be completed by September last year.

“However, despite being told at the start of August 2013 that the required new water booster station would take approximately six months to be built and commissioned, the problem had still not been resolved some nine months later.

“I therefore welcome the latest confirmation from NI Water that the outstanding issues around the implementation of this project have now been resolved.

“The proposed project is currently in the process of being designed and approved, and construction is expected to be completed in September 2014.

“Local residents will be hopeful that the work will be completed as quickly as possible, and that the repeated problems with their water supply will finally be at an end.”