'Bambi survives another night' after southern men have rifle confiscated by police

Police confiscate gun from men in Clogher Valley area
Police confiscate gun from men in Clogher Valley area

Police are investigating two men from the Republic of Ireland in relation to deer poaching after their rifle was seized in the Clogher Valley area last Thursday evening.

The news comes just weeks after police appealed for help to stop the ‘illegal’ slaughter of deer with high powered rifles in South Tyrone.

At the time Lord Morrow warned that the animals were being killed for their meat - which is then sold on the black market.

Urging the public to help stop "the illegal slaughter and butchering" of deer in Clogher Valley, he said he believed the animals are being "shot to order" and urged people to be aware of the dangers of "dealing in black market flesh".

The PSNI has issued a fresh appeal for anyone with information to help them stop poachers in the area.

But in relation to Thursday's sting, they said on Facebook: "As a Result of Operation Wild Deer performed by Police from Clogher NPT during the evening of Thursday the 26th of February this rifle (pictured) was seized and two men from the Republic of Ireland are being investigated for firearms offences.

"No Deer had been shot prior to the detection. Bambi survives another night.

"Any information on deer poaching to Constable McMurray of Clogher Neighbourhood unit on 101."

Alarmed at the reports, UUP MLA Rosemary Barton has urged local restaurants and suppliers "to only purchase venison from registered suppliers".