Bike ownership is lowest in NI

Brian Morrison Photography
Brian Morrison Photography

Bike ownership in Mid-Ulster is the lowest in Northern Ireland a new report has revealed.

According to the Cycling in Northern Ireland 2016/2017 report 14% of those surveyed in the council area own a bicycle, this was the lowest percentage of ownership.

Chairman of Cookstown Cycling Club, John McLaughlin told the Mid Ulster Mail that one problem cyclists in rural areas face is the state of the roads.

John said: “The state of the roads are one major issue facing cyclists in the area and I have no doubt that it’s the same throughout the whole of the north.

“The road conditions are so bad, the pot holes are horrendous and you cannot take your eyes off the road.

“If you hit a pothole you are going over the top of the handle bars.”

Despite the low ownership figures, the report revealed that rural cycling is on the increase, John added that the area is well served for cycling clubs for those interested in getting involved.

John said: “There are lots of clubs in the council area, in Cookstown there is ourselves and two other clubs, Island Wheelers in Dungannon, in Maghera there’s a big club. Definitely if you are interested in cycling, even just leisure cycling, I would recommend joining a club because it gives you some insurance cover. Which is good if anything did go wrong.

“I love cycling, it’s good to get out in the fresh air, if you are leisure cyclist there’s nothing like it. It’s good for your health and your head.”