Brantry fish kill mystery

Fish kill
Fish kill

UUP MLA Tom Elliott has raised question over ‘the delay of publishing the results of the investigation carried out by DCAL officials’ on the fish kill at Brantry Lough which was reported on July 1.

It is understood that DCAL is investigating whether a difference in temperature between the tanks in which the fish were transported and the lough itself could have contributed to the kill, which was one of the worst ever seen in the area.

However, local fishermen have claimed they noticed the first signs of trouble weeks ago, and had warned the Fishery Department that a catastrophe was about to happen

It is believed that most of the dead fish were stocked trout introduced to the lough in the preceding weeks, rather than coarse fish such as roach or perch.

One month on, and the cause of the fish kill still remains a mystery.

In a statement, last week, Tom Elliott questioned the delay .

“I understand that the Lough has not been restocked but still wish to establish what caused the deaths of thousands of fish and was this caused by human error of officials or pollution from other sources.,” he said.

“It is essential that the results of the DCAL investigation are published as soon as possible so that lessons can be learned that would prevent anything like this from happening again.”

“The local angling community have said that Brantry Lough was once one of the leading fishing water’s in Northern Ireland, and are saddened by the failure of DCAL to publish any results of the investigation after one month of beginning the investigation back in July.”