Brave Billy asks Santa Claus for a ‘big hug’ from Conor McGregor

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Brave Castlederg youngster Billy Caldwell has written a plaintive letter to Santa Claus telling the big man that all he wants for Christmas this year is a ‘big hug’ from his hero, the Irish mixed martial arts superstar, Conor McGregor.

And you never know, the 12-year-old, who lives with a rare and life-threatening form of ‘intractable epilepsy,’ may just get the Christmas present he’s asked for. It happened last year after all.

Billy Caldwell

Billy Caldwell

Back in 2016 Billy was in Los Angeles with his mother Charlotte awaiting treatment for his condition, which at its worst would provoke up to nine life-threatening seizures in the space of a week.

During what was an extremely trying time for the Caldwell family, Billy courageously put pen to paper and asked for Father Christmas’ intercession.

“I would like you to take my seizures away,” he wrote, in his Christmas letter last year.

“Santa I don’t want to go and live with angels yet. I want to stay here with my mummy and big bro.”

After returning home a few months later, Billy, who had already been successfully treated with medicinal cannabis in the United States, became the first person to be prescribed the treatment under the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Since then there’s been a remarkable improvement in Billy’s condition and thankfully we can report his Christmas wish for 2017 is a cinch compared to last year.

In his 2017 letter, Billy writes: “Dear santa, My name is Billy Caldwell. I am feeling better this year. Please Santa, my Xmas wish is to give Conor McGregor a big hug. My mummy lets me stay up late and watch him on TV. I would love to meet him.”

It’s over to you Santa.