Breathing new life into Tyrone crystal craft

Dun Ri Crystal
Dun Ri Crystal

A Dungannon business is breathing new life into an industry that almost disappeared five years ago with the closure of Tyrone Crystal.

Dun Ri handmade glass has opened its doors at a studio around two mile away from the original Tyrone Crystal factory.

“Dungannon was always known for glass-making worldwide, and for this to cease basically, we didn’t think it was good for Dungannon,” Gary Currie from Dun Ri said.

“A lot of men were not only without jobs, but at the end of the day their craft was gone completely, so that’s why we got this unit together.”

The studio, situated near Carland on the Cookstown Road, has just been commissioned to make the 2015 Irish TV country music awards.

The company also offers beginners the chance to try their hand at the art of glass making.

“It is quite exciting from that point of view and it’s really enjoyable to master the technique,” glass artist Catherine Keenan explained.

Gary said that the process may be simpler but the finished products are a thing of beauty. The plan now for the Dun Ri team is to make the business a household name.