‘Brexit vote would be disaster for Mid Ulster farmers’ - says SDLP’s Patsy McGlone

Patsy McGlone
Patsy McGlone

The DUP’s campaign for a ‘Brexit’ is against the interests of local farmers, Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has said.

“Their campaign is not in the interest of local farmers,” said Mr McGlone who is standing for re-election on May 5.

“Rural constituencies like Mid Ulster receive £millions on a yearly basis from European funds. Across Northern Ireland in 2013/14 farmers received £266million in direct subsidy support, and a further £83million was directed towards the wider rural economy.

“The Ulster Farmer’s Union has stated that, in the absence of a compelling case to leave, continued EU membership is the better option. It is their view that the farming industry relies on subsidies to survive.

“There is no guarantee that the funding streams available to the north as a part of the European Union would be matched by a London government if we chose to leave the EU.

“Those advocating a ‘Brexit’ have no clear answers about what the consequences would be. It would be a massive leap in the dark.”

The SDLP man added: “I would urge every constituent to question all parties about their position on the EU referendum.

“Farmers, in particular, should carefully consider whether the party asking for an Assembly vote is really representing them. The reality is that the DUP’s ‘Brexit’ campaign offers nothing but uncertainty.”