‘Bureaucrat bus’ to shuttle staff


Plans are afoot to run a special Translink bus shuttling civil servants from Dungannon straight to the Stormont Estate in Belfast.

Translink has met with local representatives about the lack of services for commuters and has made a commitment to seriously consider the possibility of a special ‘bureaucrats’ bus’.

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan urged Translink to install the dedicated bus, saying he had been inundated by constituents complaining about the poor service.

Currently, Dungannon civil servants using Translink buses are faced with a half hour wait in the city centre for a transfer and then a journey time of a further 30 minutes to get to Stormont.

“I recently met with Translink managers to discuss their existing services and explore ways in which the number of people using public transport can be increased”, he said.

“I would like to see a dedicated service which starts in Enniskillen and collects passengers at the park and ride facilities on the way to Belfast and then delivers a proper connected service to the Stormont Estate, which is a viable option for the many people living in Fermanagh & Dungannon to use.

“Improvements also need to be made to the congestion levels on the M1 with the extension of the bus lanes to Sprucefield, which would reduce the travel time for those using public transport and make it a more attractive alternative for commuters.”

Translink said it would have to consider how any change will impact upon other users and timetables, as well as the effect of financial constraints.