Cookstown ‘hot spot for low wages’ says UKIP candidate

Money matters
Money matters

UKIP Mid-Ulster spokesman Alan Day has highlighted the worrying trend of low wages across Northern Ireland and in Cookstown in particular, when compared with the rest of the UK.

Mr Day highlighted figures on the The Poverty Site website: Strabane and Cookstown have by far the highest proportion of workers (35%) earning less than £7 per hour. For most districts, the proportion is less than 30%;

15% of full-time employees in Northern Ireland are paid less than £7 / hour. This proportion is higher than in any of the regions of Great Britain, with the next highest proportion being 12%.

“UKIP proposes to remove anyone earning the minimum wage from the tax system to try and alleviate poverty and tackle social disadvantage. The party’s commitment to end taxpayer funded renewable energy scams and prioritise energy efficiency projects will also benefit thousands of fuel poor families throughout Mid Ulster,” said Mr Day.