Over 100 people overturn welfare cuts in Dungannon

Bronwyn McGahan
Bronwyn McGahan

Over a hundred Dungannon people suffering from debilitating conditions such as MS and cancer, who had been told by the Government they were not entitled to Disability Living Allowance have overturned the decisions on appeal.

The figures were released by the Northern Ireland Assembly in the aftermath of controversy over the high number of people overturning sickness benefit refusals.

Over the last three years, a total of 142 local people with serious disabilities were wrongly deemed fit to care for themselves without any assistance by the social security office, causing them untold financial stress and hardship.

That’s in addition to the 327 Dungannon people wrongly deemed fit to work by new employment tests.

Over the past three years 376 local claimants have appealed their DLA decisions.

The alarming figures suggest that people with serious medical conditions are being caught up in the clampdown on the workshy.

It is estimated that across the UK the cost these tribunals is in the region of £50million a year. Sinn Fein’s Bronwyn McGahan said the benefits clampdown was targeting the most vulnerable in society.