Call for emergency meeting of Mid Ulster Council to discuss refugee crisis

Syrian children march in the refugee camp in Jordan
Syrian children march in the refugee camp in Jordan

Mid Ulster’s Sinn Fein councillors are calling for an emergency council meeting to discuss what can be done to help with the refugee crisis.

Group leader Ronan McGinley released a statement to the Mail saying the party would like council to identify what “practical measures” it could put in place in relation to the humanitarian crisis.

A formal request was submitted to council chair Linda Dillon on Friday, September 4, asking for a meeting to be held as soon as possible.

Cllr McGinley said: “I have submitted the request for an emergency meeting as I think a strong Mid Ulster voice needs to be heard calling for urgent action to be taken in relation to the refugee and humanitarian crisis unfolding across Europe and the Middle East.

“People in Mid Ulster are becoming more and more outraged each day as the tragic details of the crisis unfold.

“People are dying,” he continued, “and we cannot sit by and allow this to happen.

“We must take action. I have asked for the space where Mid Ulster’s elected reps can explore the practical steps we can take to help ease the suffering, and to send a clear message that this crisis needs resolved.”

Many in the community have taken matters into their own hands with a Dungannon man and Draperstown woman organising collections of goods to be taken to Calais.

A Dungannon woman, who lost her own little boy to drowning, is raising funds online that will go to helping the plight of refugees.