Call for police to tackle anti-social behaviour in Coalisland area

SDLP Malachy Quinn
SDLP Malachy Quinn

SDLP councillor Malachy Quinn has called for more action from the PSNI over anti-social behaviour in the Torrent area after he received reports of dangerous driving and drinking taking place.

“Over the last few weeks I have had several meetings with residents in Killeen and Brocagh area where they have all raised concerns about the rise in dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour in the area, particular at weekends”, explained Cllr Quinn.

“Residents have also reported to me about crowds gathering and underage drinking going on at some of these areas as well as littering and generally causing a nuisance to local families and homes in the area”, he continued.

“These are also not the only areas that have been reported to me, with residents in Derrylaughan, Ardboe and Donaghmore all reporting issues as well. I will be meeting with the PSNI in the coming days over these issues and I will be asking them to take a bigger role in helping to tackle all these problems before someone gets hurt. People want to be able to feel safe walking in through their local area and not have to worry about dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour.”