Call for UUP Mid Ulster Chair to resign over removal of Union flag

Council Chair Trevor Wilson asked to resign over flag
Council Chair Trevor Wilson asked to resign over flag

The British Truth Forum is calling on the Ulster Unionist Chair of Mid Ulster District Council to resign after the Union flag pole was cut down in Magherafelt town centre last night.

In a social media post this afternoon the Forum, who were behind the re-appearance of the flag at the Diamond on Tuesday night, said Councillor Trevor Wilson is the face of the council which they accused of destroying the flag pole and Protestant/British culture.

Councillor Wilson responded in a statement that he has maintained all along that the flag should never have been removed in the first place.

"The public are still not clear how the flag pole was included in the original public realm scheme plans but removed from later plans," he said.

"We are asking questions around what advice was received as there seems to be a contradiction. People are rightly angry about this but now is a time to think through what the next best steps are.”

Assembly UUP candidate Sandra Overend added: “I am outraged at what is happening at the Diamond in Magherafelt. The Union flag is the flag of the United Kingdom and it has flown at the Diamond for as long as I can remember.

“There was no need for this situation to arise in the first place. People are angry and the whole situation has been badly handled and has caused a lot of hurt in the unionist community. However despite this, I would call on people to stay calm and use cool heads.

“My colleague Councillor Trevor Wilson and I have initiated meetings with the PSNI and council officials to ascertain the facts and will update people with them as soon as possible. We will continue to provide leadership on the ground.”