Call to keep Mid Ulster recycling centres open over Bank Holidays

Recycling site
Recycling site

A Mail reader has complained about Mid Ulster Council padlocking its amenity sites on Bank Holidays.

In a letter the ratepayer said Magherafelt Council kept the sites open but under the new council they were closed on the day when many people decide to do a tidy up around the house or garden. Asking not to be named, he said its time this “penny pinching operation” was brought to an end.

A Council spokesperson said: “Our recycling centres are open some evenings and on Saturdays, as well as during the day, to ensure that the vast majority of people have the opportunity to use them.

“While the cost of opening all 12 of our recycling centres on bank holidays would be substantial, we do open some holidays to ensure the centres are never closed for more than two consecutive days.

“So, for example, the centres were closed on Easter Monday, but open on Easter Tuesday and at Christmas will be closed on Christmas Day but open on Boxing Day.”